“I always wanted to speak to an author as even I want to be one. I got some really good ways and tips to actually get me off to my goal. Deepika’s love for trees was wonderful!! Student,  Vyoma Sanghavi, Auxilium Convent”

IMG_1267“It was a very enjoyable day, teaching one that we can make new friends without any inhibitions. It also taught us that the more the merrier and also showed us the happiness in doing things together”                                                                                                                                         Student, Sadashivan N


“I loved the whole day, initially I was supposed to be spending my entire day mugging up physics formulas because IMG_6069I have got my physics paper tomorrow. But instead I came here and learnt some wonderful things. Thank you for making my Sunday a notch better”.                                                                                                Student, Yashvi Gada, Shishuvan School, Matunga.


 Inspiring morning. Wisdom, compassion, courage- a topic  interestingly explore by panelists & school students. – Nandita Das


Awareness levels of kids today huge—queries ranged from global warming to role models to whether you would  give your life for a just cause. – Dr.Mukund Rajan

postcard                                                                              (postcard from one of the students)

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